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Hair Extensions FAQ

What brand of hair extensions do you recommend?

We use and recommend Balmain hair extensions. For 40 years, Balmain Hair has set out to source, select and process the highest quality human hair.  Balmain is the only company offering a 6 month guarantee on the quality of the hair.

Are the hair extensions 100% human hair?

Yes. Balmain Hair is 100% human hair.

Will hair extensions damage my natural hair?

Balmain hair extensions are attached safely and securely to natural hair utilizing the most advanced methods. The fusion material used to bond the Fill-In extensions is a keratin and wax polymer that dissolves into a powder-like consistency when removed with a gel dissolvent. Once the extension is removed, the natural hair is left in healthy condition. If soft rings are used, a silicone ring protects the natural hair from damage.

How many extension systems do you offer and which system is best for my hair?

We offer the very latest technology in hair extension systems.

System Volume (SV) is our premium hair addition system.  SV is the best choice for most hair types including fine hair.  SV provides the most volume, shortest application time and most comfortable for extended wear.

DoubleHair is perfect for creating solid length and volume for most hair types.

Fill-In fusion extensions create natural looking length and volume. This method is the most customizable system and may require more maintenance on some hair types.

Tape Extensions. Currently, we do not use or recommend any tape extension systems. We have not found a tape extension system that meets our standards for quality and damage-free results.

For the best result we may combine systems to create a custom service just for you.

How much do fusion hair extensions cost?

We charge $10 for each Fill-In fusion extension. System Volume extensions start at $250 for basic volume. This price includes the the cost of the hair extension and the installation of the hair extension.

The initial installation of hair extensions does not represent the total cost. There is also maintenance of the hair extensions every 8 to 12 weeks at a cost of $100 per hour. Also, to keep the hair extensions in the best condition and to activate the 6 month waranty, you will need to purchase Balmain Hair care products.

How much will hair extensions cost for my hair?

We do not give estimates for individual hair extension services over the phone or email. You will need to schedule a free consultation with one of our hair extension specialists for an individual estimate. To schedule your consultation, please call 918-584-0337.

What we can tell you, from our experience, is that most of our guests require 150 to 200 Fill-In or 6 DoubleHair wefts extensions for full length to be added to their natural hair. If you are satisfied with the length of your natural hair and only want to add volume, you will need approximately 10 to 50 extensions.

150 to 200 Fill-In hair extensions x $10 ea. = $1500 to $2000 total install

10 to 50 Fill-In hair extensions x $10 ea. = $100 to $500 total install

6 DoubleHair wefts = $650

Remember, the initial installation of hair extensions does not represent the total cost. There is also maintenance of the hair extensions every 8 to 12 weeks at a cost of $100 per hour. Also, to keep the hair extensions in the best condition and to activate the 6 month warranty, you will need to purchase Balmain Hair home care products.

Do I need to schedule a consultation for hair extensions?

Yes. We require an initial consultation before scheduling an appointment for the installation of hair extensions. During the consultation a hair extension specialist will examine your natural hair and ask a few questions to determine if you are a good candidate for hair extensions. You will be shown the different textures, colors and lengths of hair extensions. Once the specialist understands the look you would like to acheive with hair extensions, you will be given an estimate of the approximate cost of the hair extension installation, maintenance schedule, home care and appointment time. We require a non-refundable deposit to schedule the hair extension installation. The deposit amount is equal to 50% of the hair extension installation estimate.

Remember, this is only an estimate. The price of the hair extension installation service may increase or decrease based on the number of extensions used during the service.

How do I maintain the hair extensions at home?

You can safely assume that what is good for your natural hair will also be good for the hair extensions. Alternatively, what may damage your natural hair may also damage the hair extensions. During your consultation and installation appointments your hair extension specialist will instruct you on the proper technique for brushing, shampooing, conditioning and styling hair extensions.

Two-weeks after the initial installation of hair extensions, you will return to the salon for a complementary hair extensions 'check-up'. At this time, a hair extension specialist will examine the quality of the hair extensions, the bond sites and placement. The specialist will be looking for any signs of the hair receiving thermal damage from styling tools, strength of the individual bonds, address any issues with tangling and move any hair extensions that may be causing discomfort. This appointment usually takes about 15 minutes and rarely does the specialist have to make any adjustments to the hair extensions.

How long will the hair extensions last?

If all of the conditions of the warranty are met, Balmain Hair will guarantee the quality of the hair extensions for up to 6 months.

However, the hair extensions are attached to natural hair and will move away from the scalp as your natural hair grows. For this reason, hair extensions require subesquent visits to the salon for what we call 'hair extension maintenance'. Hair extension maintenance must be performed by a certified Balmain Hair specialist. During the maintenance appointment the specialist will determine if any hair extensions need to be removed, replaced or rebonded & reinstalled.

A unique feature of Balmain Hair is that it is reusable. That means instead of buying new hair after the hair extensions grow out, Balmain Hair can be rebonded and reinstalled. The quality of Balmain hair is so superior to other brands that this rebonding feature can be done several times during the 6 month warranty. Many times Balmain hair can even be worn beyond the 6 month warranty.

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